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Equality & Diversity

Lancashire and West Yorkshire

The Leadership Equality and Diversity Programme Fund 2018-2020 is funded by the DfE. In March 2018 the DfE approved 8 schools to regionally co-ordinate the Equality and Diversity Programme funding.

Further information is available here

Prince Henry’s Grammar School, on behalf of the Yorkshire Leadership Community, has been approved by the DfE to coordinate the funding for the Lancashire and West Yorkshire region. 

Why does the fund exist?

The fund reinforces the government’s commitment to increasing the diversity of school leadership and maximising the number of leaders available by raising aspirations and the chances of successful promotion among people with leadership potential.

Although the teacher workforce as a whole is gradually becoming more diverse, progress towards greater diversity at leadership levels remains especially slow. Despite their dominance of the school workforce overall, women are less likely to become headteachers than their male counterparts, especially in the secondary phase. BME teachers, too, are underrepresented at all levels of school leadership. The Equality and Diversity Fund exists to close these gaps, making the best use of all available leadership talent in the workforce.

How does it work?

Schools (or groups of schools) bid to the fund to support a local project which aims to increase diversity in school leadership. 15 school led projects across the region were approved for 2018-19.

We are looking to fund around 20 school led projects for 2019-2020. Projects are expected to involve ten or more participants.

YLC will support delivery schools to help them with implementing their projects and support for the project leads.

What kind of projects will be considered?

Shape your project to meet the needs of your local context. Your project might be designed to benefit participants in a variety of ways, such as improving confidence, providing support with the leadership recruitment process, encouraging self-reflection, improving strategic thinking and/or understanding the nature of senior leadership.