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Primary CPD Programmes

Primary CPD programmes will be delivered by experienced Noctua Specialist Leaders of Education who have extensive experience in their fields. These will cover Science, EYFS Curriculum and English. Primary School Governance will be delivered by Brian Beal. 


3 full day workshops covering 6 areas of Science education.

Areas to be covered are:-

  • Five types of Science
  • Delivering Enquiry
  • Assessing Science
  • Planning and Teaching Science
  • Resources and Links
  • Leading Science

EYFS Curriculum

6 full day workshops covering all areas of the EYFS curriculum including Maths, Literacy and Physical Development. 

 Areas to be covered are:-

  • Supporting Physical Development
  • Developing Readiness for Learning in Literacy
  • Effective Communication and Language
  • Promoting Progress and Raising Standards
  • Bridging the Gap between EYFS and Year One
  • Maths Problem Solving for all


6 half day workshops. 

Areas to be covered are:-

  • Closing the word gap: why vocabulary is important
  • Practical strategies for closing the vocabulary gap
  • What every teacher needs to know about reading
  • Practical strategies for whole-class reading
  • Creative ideas for teaching English
  • Spelling and Grammar: subject knowledge and strategies

Primary School Governance

6 twilight sessions from 18.00-20.00 

Areas to cover are:-

  • Accountability
  • Strategic Leadership
  • People
  • Compliance
  • Evaluation
  • Structures


These programmes will run during the academic year 2019-20, if you would like any further details please contact