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Terms of Reference

The Steering Group:

The intension is for the membership of the Steering Group to be up to a maximum of ten and comprise of:

  • One representative from each of the two local authorities who provided ‘start up’ funding;
  • Maximum of two representatives from each of the three Teaching School Alliances who provided ‘start up’ funding;
  • One representative from a Higher Education partner in the Yorkshire region;
  • One representative from a partner organisation who has expertise in financial management and financial planning

Selection of Steering Group Members:

The Steering Group core membership will remain the same for an initial period of 18 months (until the end of October 2017) in order to provide consistency during the delivery of the first two years of leadership programmes. In advance of this date the Steering Group membership will be reviewed with the aim of engaging other partners in strategic development of the YLC.  During this 18-month period the Steering Group may invite other partners to Steering Group meetings to input into the strategic discussions, however only members of the Steering Group can vote on proposals.

Structure and Remit of the Steering Group:

A member of the Steering Group will be elected by the group to be the YLC Strategic Leader and also act as Chair of Steering Group meetings. The Chair will:

  • Convene meetings of the Steering Group

  • Ensure appropriate information e.g. financial reports, recruitment data, monitoring and evaluation data etc is presented at Steering Group meetings

  • Ensure that minutes of Steering Group meeting discussion, including action points, are recorded

  • Perform any other relevant functions determined by the Steering Group.

Any decisions made by the Steering Group should be made by consensus and the quorum for making such decisions will be over 50% of the membership of the group.

The Steering Group will work to:

Provide teaching staff (and school governors) from across the region access to a range of high-quality, school-led leadership development programmes and tailored leadership guidance that closely matches their needs.

Support the development of a diverse and sustainable team of talented leaders so that all schools and academies have effective leadership at all levels and are able to secure high-quality provision and improved outcomes for students.

Bring together talented leaders and facilitators from Teaching School Alliances, schools and academies across the region in order to provide high quality school-led leadership development on a ‘not for profit’ basis.

Ensure leadership development programmes are informed by action learning and up to date, evidence based research.

Provide leadership development that is responsive to the changing needs of the education system and its leaders

Monitor, evaluate and continually seek to improve the quality and impact of the leadership development work carried out

Work positively with other relevant educational groups / agencies etc. (at local and national level) to enhance the provision of high quality leadership development opportunities across the region.